Food for Thought

 What a funny thing it is, to demand the love from another when we can not even love our own souls;
to expect somebody to be happy in our company if even we can not be happy in ourselves;
to believe that the approval of another will make our existence more worthy.

One of my favourite collection of words of all time is: “What do you bring to the table?” If I let you sit at my table are you going to make my dinner party more enticing, more entertaining, more enlightening than if you had not pulled up a pew?
Or are you going to drop crumbs, drink the fancy beverages I provide and drain my table of all that makes it what it is without replenishing it with something others can enjoy?

You have to know what it is you offer to the world and if you don’t offer anything then you need to find something. Find it fast. Faster than that, because incase you didn’t know the clock is ticking.
You have to learn to love yourself, love your soul and learn to exist in your own company with complete contentment if you ever expect anybody else to ever do the same.

The only approval you ever need is the one you give yourself just before you fall to sleep at night. If you can fall to sleep in the darkest hour with a clear conscience, a peaceful soul and a grateful heart then your dinner party is affluent and abundant in all the best dishes. Self satisfaction is at the end of the day, the one thing that should only ever matter.

If you listen to your instinct and you follow your own dreams, you will always have the most lavish table for all to enjoy. It’s your table and your dinner party so always remember that what you bring to said table should always be grander, richer, kinder than what you take away.


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